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Press review

Viva Arte Viva, 57th International Art Exhibition - La Biennale di Venezia

Sheila Hicks The High Line The New York Times

"The Artist Sheila Hicks Will Spin Her Threads on the High Line"

Hilarie M. Sheets, The New York Times

May 3, 2017


"Going global: Paris art gallery opens Dallas branch"

Rick Brettell, The Dallas Morning News
January 30, 2017

Sheila Hicks Les inrocks 2016 babas de laine

"Babas de laine"

Jean-Marie Durand, Les inrockuptibles
September 28, 2016

Paris sous hicks Le Monde

"Paris sous Hicks"

Clarisse Fabre, Le Monde
August 30, 2016

Sheila Hicks, Tapestries from the '60s, The New York Times

"Tapestries from the '60s, Woven Anew"

Robin Pogrebin, The New York Times
October 5, 2015

Sheila Hicks Fibre is my alphabet Frieze

"Fibre Is My Alphabet"

Jennifer Higgie, Frieze Magazine
March 2015

Sheila Hicks, AD magazine, 2014, la fibre artistique

"Sheila Hicks, La fibre artistique"

Laurence Mouillefarine, AD magazine
September 25, 2014

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