Mark Flood

Dallas Real Estate Development

October 8 - November 12, 2016

galerie frank elbaz, dallas

Mark Flood, Dallas Real Estate Development, galerie frank elbaz, Dallas, TX, USA, 2016
photo: Kevin Todora

galerie frank elbaz is pleased to announce a solo exhibit by Houston artist, Mark Flood. The exhibition will run from October 8  - November 12, 2016 with an opening reception on October 8th from 6-10pm at the gallery's Dallas location: 136 Glass St., in the Dallas Design District.

The exhibit, Dallas Real Estate Development, will introduce Skull Emojis, a new series of printed paintings.

In addition, Flood will create a new space within the gallery by constructing a three-dimensional shelter out of various sorts of printed painting and works with subject ranging from corporate logos to internet dreck. Inside the shelter, viewers will find a comforting "Safe Space" with sofas, carpets and mood lighting. There they can relax and contemplate hand-made art including Flood's Aged Paintings, Lace Paintings and Text Paintings.

Artist's Statement:

There are soft hand-painted contemplative pictures for soft invertebrate human evolution-cheese...
Then there is a hardshell made of calcified Internet trash... 

On the walls hang group portraits of masses of pacified soon to be dad's
Posting about their experiences at Frank's new gallery and Alice.

A series of metaphors involving gooey centers and armored exoskeletons radiates outward into a distracted world...


Mark Flood, 2016

Houston, TX based artist Mark Flood is known for his prankster antics and mocking commentary; American culture and the contemporary art world are often his target. In the early 90s he started working on his Lace Paintings, seducing the viewer through a self-consciously superficial beauty. More recent paintings by Flood depict corporate and digital domain logos that have become the new landscape as most Americans spend their days staring at computer or telephone screens. Turning a unique perspective inward upon social media, pop culture and the jumbled web of the internet, there is a conjunction with inner turmoil and personal opinions which leave an outcome of humor, irony, and sincere honesty. Flood handily uses appropriated imagery, sculpture, painting, and installation techniques to align his concepts. The artist’s involvement with the now notorious rock band, Culturcide, was greatly influenced by the arrival of punk-culture. His work has been featured at Luxembourg & Dayan Gallery in NYC, Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth, Dallas Museum of Art, The Menil Collection, Museum of Fine Arts - Houston, and the Birmingham Art Museum as well as exhibited internationally.