galerie frank elbaz

Mladen Stilinovic

24/7. Conectados

February 17 - May 21, 2017

CentroCentro, Madrid, Spain

Mladen Stilinovic, Artist at Work, 1978

Mladen Stilinovic, Artist at Work, 1978, 8 black and white photographs, silver gelatine print, 30 x 40 cm / 11/8 x 15/7 in.

Photo: Lukasz Michalak

The exhibition 24/7. Conectados, curated by Luisa Espino, is on view from February 17 to May 21. Through the work of fifteen contemporary artists – painting, sculpture, video, photography, illustration, installation and action – the exhibition raises a reflection on how the boundaries that separate our personal and professional space and time are increasingly diluted because of tools such as the Internet, emails and social networks.