Mladen Stilinovic


January 19 – March 18, 2018

Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb, Croatia

Agnieszka Polska, I Am The Mouth (still), 2014, HD video

Museum of Contemporary Art, Zagreb, presents with I AM THE MOUTH, works from Art Collection Telekom. The corporate Art Collection Telekom was initiated by Deutsche Telekom in 2010 and comprises today of some 200 art works by about 60 artists from around 15 countries. The collection has a clear focus on contemporary art from Central and Eastern European countries.

The title of the exhibition I AM THE MOUTH is from a video work by Polish artist Agnieszka Polska. It expresses the characteristic qualities of  contemporary art from a region in Europe, which is searching for identity in the global context. These voices are looking for new social and political structures, for a democratic and civic exchange by balancing opposing ideas and interests.

The artworks in the exhibition are the mouth of a whole generation that wants to shape its own future and take responsibility for it. The works are telling the stories, concerns, hopes and visions of this generation not literally with words. They prefer strong sensual qualities by transforming our perception into a narration. A narrative that refers to private and individual experiences in life but touches at the same time the burning issues in politics. The artists are concentrating quite complex themes into the compressed immediate evidence of an artwork that appeals to our intelligence, provokes empathy and encourages solidarity.