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Spotlight: Ja'Tovia Gary

The New Yorker, July 2020

"Garden Against the Machine: Ja'Tovia Gary's The Giverny Document"

Michael Sicinski, Cinema Scope
February, 2020

"With Her Artful Documentaries and Sculptural Arrays, Ja’Tovia Gary Places Black Women at the Center"

Alex Greenberger, ArtNews,
February 21, 2020

"Sound Garden"
Ayanna Dozier on Ja’Tovia Gary’s The Giverny Document (2019)

Ayanna Dozier, Artforum,
February 2020

Film Review: The Giverny Document (Single Channel)

Jake Mulligan, DigBoston, December 2019

"'Becoming a Director Was About Getting Power' Ja'Tovia Gary on How She Took Control of the Director's Chair"

Taylor Dafoe, Artnet
February 2020

"Ja'Tovia Gary Breaks Through the Art World with Her Compelling Audio-Visual Portraits"

Rianna Jade Parker, Frieze
February 2020

"La petite Mort
On Art, Ecstasy and Death"

Nico Wheadon, The Brooklyn Rail
February 2020