Sheila Hicks

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"Bravo!" | The Work of Sonia Delaunay According to Artist Sheila Hicks | Louisiana Channel

Sheila Hicks: Pillar of Inquiry | ARTIST STORIES,  The Museum of Modern Art, 2019

In this video, the artist discusses her supple, cascading installation at the Museum of Modern Art, New York City. 

Sur le fil de Sheila Hicks, "Entrée Libre", France 5

The French TV program Entrée Libre features Sheila Hicks current exhibition Lignes de vie at the Centre Pompidou. The video explores Sheila Hicks art practice over the years, and includes interviews with Sheila Hicks and Michel Gauthier, the curator of the exhibition.

Sheila Hicks, Artist's Practice, Biennale di Venezia 2017

The Artist’s Practice project features a series of short videos made by the artists invited to the 57th International Art Exhibition: videos about themselves and their way of working. Here, Sheila Hicks discusses her practice in a video directed by Cristobal Zanartu.