Davide Balula

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Machine Water
October 13 - December 15, 2023
Le Musée d'art contemporain de la Haute-Vienne - Château de Rochechouart

Davide Balula, A.I. Generated Instructions (Potato Flowers), 2022
LCD Screen, Potato chips and flower petals
Variable dimensions
Photo: Claire Dorn

Davide Balula, Some farmed, others mined, exhibition at galerie frank elbaz, Paris, 2022
Photo: Claire Dorn

Davide Balula, Farmed Painting (TR1) TBC, 2020-2022
Organic matter on cotton canvas 
190,5 x 45,7 cm (75 x 18 in.)

Davide Balula, Farmed Painting (Sagg Creek, Liquid Rock, H1874), 2020-2021
Organic matter on cotton canvas 
Ø 203,2 cm (Ø 80 in.)

Davide Balula, The Buried Works
exhibition view, galerie frank elbaz, Paris, 2012

Davide Balula, Buried Painting (St Claude), 2012
Organic matter on linen
83,5 x 67,5 cm (32 5/8 x 26 3/8 in.)

Davide Balula, Buried Painting (Room I, Trapdoor I, Palazzo Cavour, Torino), 2014-2015
Organic matter on canvas
95 x 170 cm (37 3/8 x 66 7/8 in.)

Davide Balula, Painting the Roof of your Mouth (Ice Cream), 2015
Art Basel Parcours, Basel, Switzerland

Davide Balula, A light to repeat [ ] on the wall, 2015
Exhibition View, Alison Jacques Gallery, London, UK.

Davide Balula, Burnt Painting, Imprint of the Burnt Painting (Milan Thread II), 2015
Charred woods, dust of charred wood on canvas
210 x 122 cm each (82 5/8 x 48 in.)

Davide Balula, Speaking in Flames (The Voice of the Fire Breather), 2014
Performance: FIre breather, English Interpreter MoMA PS1, New York, United States

Davide Balula, Mimed Sculptures, 2016
Art Basel Unlimited, Basel, Switzerland

Davide Balula, 24 questions in collaboration with poet Mei-mei Berssenbrugge, 2017
Animated lasers, chapbook, soundtrack, synchronized piano player Biennale de Lyon 2017

Davide Balula, A journey through you and the leaves, 2015
Exhibition view, galerie frank elbaz, Paris, France

Davide Balula, Artificially Aged Painting (Wet, Dry, Wet, Dry, Wet, Dry), 2014-2015
Factory primed linen, wooden frame
Ø 178 cm (Ø 70 1/8 in.)

Davide Balula, Evaporating Water (Floating Puddle Swing), 2016
Wood, string, water
Variable dimensions

Davide Balula, Grand Opening, the Wind, the Weather in, 2015
Granite, bungee cord, blind, wind, window
exhibition view, imaginarii, Fondazione Carriero, Milano, Italy

Davide Balula, The underwater tones, the ice blows (Ice sculptures, cocktails), 2006

Davide Balula, The Endless Pace (Variation for 60 Dancers), 2009
Choreography: BIba Bell, 1h performance 590 Madison Ave, New York City, Performa Biennale

Davide Balula, Self Breathing Lungs, 2018
Performance, galerie frank elbaz, Paris

Davide Balula, Attention Span Color Meter (Brain Recording), 2018
Outsourced Affects, exhibition view, galerie frank elbaz, Paris

Davide Balula, Calories and Dance Moves for the Internal Organ Systems, 2018
Performance, Schirn, Germany

Davide Balula, Dust and Spores for a Dancer's Clothes, 2018
Performance, Tilburg

Davide Balula, Heartbeat Exciter, 2006
Farmed stinging nettles, amplifer, turntable, vinyl record, base (pedestal), cables
Variable dimensions